Overview of the Motivate Mastery program and our 'why'


A coaches’ creative consultant to bring tech and visual mastery through digital marketing. Do you long to brainstorm with others to get your ideas fleshed out? Or worse, are you frustrated about bringing your ideas into the digital realm? Are your social media pages stagnant and you don’t have the motivation to post? Our solutions have digital automation to shift your social media profile image with icons and posts. You can plesantly let go of tech fears with our patient consulting process.

Right place, Right time. Are you stuck with outdated, frustrating, ineffective marketing? Don’t even have a plan for how to reach your ideal client? Do you constantly sign up for lunch and learn sessions and never put the material into effect. Stop hating your marketing and start loving your client lead conversations.

We are on a business coaching mastery mission to level up businesses and individuals to make a difference in the world. We have been helping clients like yourself with marketing funnels, graphics, and websites. Don’t know where to start with your digital marketing tech? Not sure how to earn leads and sales in the new age of social media?

We work with you to compassionately change your visual communications to reach your ideal clients.


About our Founder, Lucy Ann Clark and her mission


Quit waking up worrying about the digital systems that can liberate you and level up your business. Empower yourself by taking a stand to ‘do something about it.’ It’s more important NOW to get address what your business needs before more time and customers slip away.


04. keep leads coming in

Time is money. Free yourself from the list-making, overworking, and letting time slip away. Freedom is something you cultivate with guidance from an experienced procrastinator. Yes, you heard me correct. I know how the low-hanging fruit can get in the way of getting deep work like getting your marketing out there.


Align your message with a clear call to action.
When you don’t have a clear message you’ll struggle at every touch-point with your clients and lose business. Let’s get you on track with your email list build incentive, target audience, messaging, and call to action.


All of this is only possible if you invest in digital and visual marketing, your business with confidence and assurance. You’ll find comfort in the results this marketing motivation guidance brings you. Imagine having the confidence to apply your new graphics, as we guide you in proven tech systems. Now that’s digital marketing motivation.

03. Motivate Mastery Method

Free yourself from the technology hold that is thwarting your business success. It really is as easy as choosing to take charge of what your competition is using. If you don’t move forward now, you’ll continue to suffer in the slow economy. The old adage is even more brutal, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

Proven Success

The Numbers 

If you don’t have a plan then you won’t be able to fail. Let’s change your process now and gain the creative communication insight and help to shift your business into high gear.


Revenue Increase


Return Users


A Team Of Professionals

Lucy Ann Clark Founder Motivate Mastery

Lucy Ann Clark

Founder, Lead Tech Coach

I am a graphically intuitive and communication expert. I have a compassionate and patient approach to guiding clients in their digital marketing. This understanding of clients’ needs enables me to wield expertise in a proven set of marketing applications. I’m uniquely suited to work with entrepreneurs who have come from the corporate world or who have owned their businesses for a long time. I’ve served companies from fortune 500 to locally owned businesses for over 30 years. Along the way, I’ve instructed small businesses to propel them head and shoulders above their competitors.

Lorien Nemec Portrait—Grounding, Freedom Coach

Lorien Nemec

Embodied Transformation Coach • Sound Healing • Yoga, Meditation • Facilitator of Healing Ceremonies • Mindset Coach

When we shift from our heads to our hearts, we open up a whole dimension of possibility that was previously unreachable. By practicing present moment awareness, deep breathing, and staying conscious in our bodies, we gain access to an entire field of intelligence that informs all our decisions—great and small—and leads us to live in alignment with our highest purpose and mission. Lorien delights in guiding you back home to your body, breath, and heart so that you can tap into your superpowers of intuitive knowing and clear insight. So that you’re taking action as necessary to meet the needs of the multiple dimensions of being in which we reside, achieving the most outstanding possible results within and around us.

A sampling of Lucy’s videos throughout the years. Get to know Lucy and hear her passion for helping others. 

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