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5 Simple Shifts To Take Your Dream Business to The Next Level of Income and Freedom (new)


• This is for consultants and infopreneurs who know they need to work smarter not harder. For those who want time-off while tech automations take them to the next level of income. To transform their brand and image so that they have the confidence to charge premium prices. (new)

• [ADD more about the actual outcomes, money, success?] If you are frustrated with technology, feeling stuck how you communicate your message, graphics, and branding.

• You’ve begun (done) the work on yourself to release trauma, limiting beliefs, set aside grief, and change your story from victim to empowered.


• We’re going to shift your mindset to taking action without questioning and hesitation that’s been keeping you frozen from transforming your business to the next level. A level of autonomy and latest systems to give freedom and income. (new)

• We’ll look at why it’s important to become confident with technology. So you CAN empower your business with authentic technology systems, even if you’ve never felt confident with tech before.

• You’ll hear why YOU can be a source for helping others succeed to make the world better. Even if you’ve felt disingenuous about profiting on your soulful mission.

• You’ll understand why higher education, endless certifications are no match for life’s experiences and why they are super powerful for motivating your marketing.

• Why getting CLEAR on the problem you solve, you’ll be able to capitalize on digital marketing and level-up your sales.

• Why you can easily and seamlessly balance life and work and stop lying awake at night worrying about how you’ll present your ideas and boost your sales


• I’ll show you the 5 simple shifts that will make your dream business a successful launch.


• Do you secretly wonder how to bring your consulting business to market?

• Do you wake up at night with a deep driving desire to learn that thing you need to know to be successful?

• Do you search social media for answers, advice, and success stories?

• Do you long to BE like those that are out in front making a difference?

• Are you afraid of not knowing enough to get your message out to your people (audience/clients)?

• Are you worried you won’t be good enough & that you’ll fail?

• Do you wish you could finally take action and launch your business?


• Are you holding yourself back by telling yourself that once you learn ‘this or that’ about marketing and technology that THEN you’ll be ready


• You’ll be able to look back years from now and have no regret. You’ll say remember when I started shifted my business into a new level?!

• That hot idea to change the world will finally become a reality

• You can hold your head high, sleep great at night, and wake up revitalized and charged up for your day.

• You’ll no longer be intimidated by technology and can be assured you’ll be able to tackle anything related to software and systems.

• Your friends and family will have a newfound respect for your significant changes.


• I am graphically intuitive and have a compassionate and patient approach to guiding clients in their digital marketing. This brings me an understanding of clients’ needs enabling us to wield expertise in a wide range of applications. I’ve served companies from fortune 500 to locally owned businesses. Along the way, I’ve instructed small businesses to propel them head and shoulders above their competitors.


• I have helped large corporations make millions of dollars and sales with a clear direction with a wide array of technology. I’ve translated all my years of corporate work into helping established small businesses grow faster and further with the latest digital marketing tech.

• I noticed that every one of my most successful clients was able to make quick, decisive decisions. My clients learn how to get clear on their outcome to make real, lasting change for their clients.

• They let go of the need for perfection and realized they wish they had been guided to get comfortable with technology sooner.

• My clients are coachable and open to facing their fears around technology.

• You don’t need a business plan; you need a clear mission.

• you don’t need to do endless social media; you need to have a clear target audience.

• You don’t need to work long hours to bring in extra sales; you need to harness the best of technology and automation to facilitate new business.

• Just because you have a website and have an online presence does not mean clients are going to find you.

• You must have the utmost integrity, a deep driving desire to make a difference in the world for the better. You keep your word when committing to anything.

• When you’re in alignment with honesty to yourself and others you’ll eliminate the stress of worrying about how to get out of a situation. Instead, you’re choosing your outcome and a clear path.

• “How you do anything is how you do everything”. A great Zen reminder quoted and adapted by many. Masters of motivation and your business vision have the depth and breadth to choose their destiny.


• Quit waking up worrying about the digital systems that can liberate you and level up your business. Empower yourself by taking a stand to ‘do something about it.’ It’s more important NOW to get help before more time and customers slip away. (NEWLY ADDED)

• “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” — Jim Rohn (NEWLY ADDED)

• Stop wasting time and effort by thinking you’re saving money by figuring it out yourself. If you could have gotten there by now, you would have.
In a year’s time if you hit the ‘forgot password’ twice a month on just two websites you could have taken a four day weekend trip to rest and rejuvenate. That’s 48 hours of your life back. (NEWLY ADDED)

• Once you’ve mastered your lack of tech expertise with a marketing plan you’ll be able to present your graphics among all your client touch points. This new found freedom and confidence to express your concepts through digital medium will compel clients to contact you. (new).


  • The Tech Stealth Method is the most powerful way to level up your leads and sales conversion. (new)
  • And it does all those things while freeing up time for living your best life. (new)
  • I’ll show you how to shift into being a Digital Marketing Maven: That will be your new name as you transform your digital communications and tech solutions. But first let’s review some of the tried and true that you’re familiar with…
    • Do you have a sad state of a website and an embarrassing logo? We’ll help you procure a visual identity and graphical assets that will set you leaps and bounds apart from your competition.
    • We know you once used in-person networking events to meet clients, but Covid-19 has made that impossible. We’ll show you how to make an impact with digital networking.
    • You spend too many hours on social media, newsletters, and blogging that aren’t getting the traction for the amount of effort. We’ll help make your digital marketing impactful and gain real leads.
    • You use to think everyone was your client. Presenting too many but not getting notices. We’ll show you how niching down and targeting your ideal client will get meeting requests.
    • You look for a software solution but don’t know which to choose. Often you invest in a random set of programs that you never end up using or don’t learn to command enough to help your business.
    • You attend courses, lunch-n-learn, or association training that you never implement let alone even look at the materials after the program ends.
    • Stop waiting for Google to boost you up in the page rankings. That’s a wild goose chase that leads to a big goose egg.
  • These ‘hope and pray’ methods are not an efficient way to master technology, improve your business image and garner new sales. You’re loosing time and money as you don’t have a clear process for your marketing technology. (new)
    • They don’t work because you’re having to put in way too much time to get traction.
      [SMART ART] presented to show how long all of those methods take.
    • Does this make sense?
    We’re here to show you the new way. (smart art)
  • Step 1: Become a digital maven with our proven Tech Stealth Method you’ll feel guided and have a clear set of Visual Communications to use across your targeted Digital Marketing. You’ll establish yourself with a crystal clear web page designed to speak to your niche.
  • Step 2: You’ll get help with your digital networking to become attractive to your ideal target clients. The whole process of having a clear visual method will grow your sales and move your income 2X, 5X and beyond.
  • Step 3: When you’ve relaunched your business with visual design, targeted web marketing technology; you to master your weakness and fears to become the leader in your business field. Your focused marketing clarity and tech motivation brings new life to your sales and the automation frees you up to work less and live more.

CASE STUDY: Meet our client Cathy, who is a self-proclaimed luddite about technology. Before coming to us, she knew enough to get around a computer but was intimidated about all things related to digital marketing. She knew she needed a new line of graphics to communicate specifically about their products. We made a complete overhaul of all of her digital and print materials. We used our Tech Stealth Method inquiry steps along with her deep desire to shift the way her customers understand their level of healthy commitment and quality about their products. We added e-commerce purchase feature on their website to automate the ordering process. We radically shifted their SEO, product packaging, and shipping options. (is this too much info?) Within six months they outgrew their facility and moved into a larger bakery and are still thriving.

QUICK RECAP: ____, ____. ____


  • It’s your choice to stop saying ‘i’m no good at technology’. Mindset and removing limiting beliefs is a huge freedom to adding sales boost (NEWLY ADDED)
  • Tech Empowerment means Tech Motivated: Stop the tech fear holding you back from setting up automations and proven marketing systems. Finally have the flow and ease of technology, digital marketing, and getting sales revenue. Now that’s my definition of success.
  • Free yourself from the technology hold that is thwarting your business success. It really is as easy as choosing to take charge of what your competition is using. If you don’t move forward now, you’ll continue to suffer in the slow economy. The old adage is even more brutal, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” (new)
  • Learn to step away from the limiting belief that you’re not able to have a digital marketing plan.
  • Once you decide to become motivated to embrace the tech and empower yourself, that’s the beginning of an even larger transformation.

CASE STUDY: You’re never too old or too stuck. Meet one of our older clients, Sallyann. She came to us with several requests to expand her business online. She explained she had very little experience with digital methods to transfer her images for her clients to review from any internet connection. We worked with her with the Tech Stealth Method and at 60 years young she’s been a dream client and getting the attention from her audience. The Method brought about an eager coaching collaboration. She found our targeted web pages and instructional patience shifted her out of her tech concerns and into precise marketing tools that she embraced whole heartedly. We customized group coaching so that her colleagues could take advantage of our tech training sessions. She was able to launch her business in a month’s time. She enjoyed our simple instructional steps along with our done-for-you-proven process. Our collaborative style worked wonders for this passionate creative entrepreneur. Fast forward to six months later and she’s been managing new software, password manager, and online communications. She’s even published a print calendar for custom promotions.


• All of this is only possible if you invest in digital and visual marketing yourself, your business with confidence and assurance to open your mind and heart to conquer your fears of tech uncertainty. You’ll find comfort in the results this guidance brings you. Imagine having the confidence to apply your new graphics, as we guide you in proven tech systems. Now that’s digital marketing motivation. When you commit to getting professional mentoring you can rest easy that your ideas will transform your business and propel into the next phase of growth.

CASE STUDY Meet Michael a coach who came to us asking for a website and left with an email list-building tool, an approachable/doable marketing outline, and the courage to post on Facebook with the new graphics and marketing stories built out of our coaching and training. He started with little to no tech knowledge and has accelerated to autonomy in a short few months. He’s doubled his email list and continuing to connect with new clients as he chooses to apply our landing page methods. His tech solutions are expanded as he chooses further mentoring. We all know to be in alignment and accelerate; a coach, needs a coach.


• We’re going to shift your mindset about technology towards taking action without questioning and hesitation that’s been keeping you frozen from leveling up your business.

• We looked at how you can empower your business with authentic technology systems, even if you’ve never felt confident with tech before.

• You heard why YOU can be a source for helping others succeed to make the world better. Even if you’ve felt disingenuous about profiting on your soulful mission.

• You’ve heard confirmation why higher education, endless certifications are no match for life’s experiences and how to draw upon them.

• How to seamlessly balance life and work and stop lying awake at night worrying about how you’ll present your ideas and boost your sales


• Integrity and Deep Driving Desire to conquer technology

• Stop wasting time trying to learn tech on your own.

• Own your fears and BE a Digital Maven despite

• Become Tech Motivated

• Invest in your business and help many more in the profitable process.


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